Fall 2016

Sep 14 Philipp Boeing (Centre for European Economic Research, ZEW) Measuring Patent Quality and National Technological Capacity in Cross-country Comparison

Sep 21 赵大旋(中国人民大学商学院) Migrant Workers and Cities in China

Sep 28 袁宇菲(北京大学国家发展研究院) China's Housing Supply: Fiscal Motivation

Oct 14 Xiaodong Zhu (University of Toronto) Trade, Migration and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis of China

Oct 19 Shanjun Li (Cornell University) Local Protectionism, Market Structure, and Social Welfare: China's Automobile Market,

Oct 26 游五岳(北京大学国家发展研究院) Half Sky over China: Women’s Political Participation and Sex Imbalances: 1950-1990

Nov 16 Tuan-Hwee Sng (National University of Singapore) The Effect of State Capacity under Different Economic Systems

Dec 07 Jean Hong (HKUST) The Enemies Within: Loyalty, Faction and Elite Competition under Authoritarianism

Dec 07 Hongliang Zhang (Hong Kong Baptist University) Family Background, After-school Tutoring, and Student Achievement: Experimental Evidence from Rural China

Dec 15 Jubo Yan (Nanyang Technological University) Why Smog Drives Up Housing Price: A Behavioral Explanation

Dec 15 Chew Soo Hong (National University of Singapore) Haze and Decision Making: A Natural Laboratory Experiment

Dec 15 张欣(北京大学国家发展研究院) Smog in Our Brains: Gender Difference in the Impact of Exposure to Air Pollution on Cognitive Performance

Dec 21 Xiaoguang Chen (University of Western Australia) Taxational Resource Curse – Evidence from China

Dec 22 Jie Bai (Harvard University) Melons as Lemons: Asymmetric Information, Consumer Learning and Seller Reputation


Fall 2015

Sep 16 Philipp Boeing (Center of European Economic Research, ZEW) Measuring Patent Quality in International Comparison-Index Development and Application to China

Sep 23 秦雨(National University of Singapore) Housing Prices and Mating Preferences: Evidence from Online Daters

Oct 14 施新政(清华大学) Status Inheritance Rules and Intra-household Bargaining

Oct 21 陈婷(香港科技大学) Political Connections and Rent-Seeking: Evidence from China’s Land Market

Oct 26 Pablo Beramendi (Duke University) Economic and Political Inequality

Nov 04 周泳宏(暨南大学) Gainers and Losers of Political Instability: Evidence from the Anti-Japanese Demonstration in China

Nov 11 王睿新(香港浸会大学) “Forced” Gifts: A Burden of Being Friend

Nov 18 陈硕(复旦大学经济学院) Robin Hood on the Grand Canal: Economic Shock and Peasant Rebellions in Qing China, 1650-1911

Nov 25 白金辉(Washington State University) The Welfare and Distributional Effects of Fiscal Uncertainty: A Quantitative Evaluation

Dec 02 徐现祥(中山大学岭南学院) 资源转移与家乡偏爱

Dec 09 邢海鹏(SUNY-Stony Brook) An early warning model for credit market instability

Dec 16 Zaifu Yang (University of York) Decentralised Random Competitive Dynamic Market Processes


Spring 2015

Mar 11 Heng Chen (HKU) Aspiring for Change: A Theory of Middle Class Activism

Mar 18 Difei Geng (Vanderbilt) The Nature of Innovative Activity and the Protection of Intellectual Property in Asia

Mar 25 Jessica Leight (Williams College) Grain into gold? The impact of agricultural income shocks on rural Chinese households

Apr 02 Raquel Fernandez (NYU) Free to Leave? A Welfare Analysis of Divorce Regimes

Apr 07 傅晓岚(University of Oxford) China's Path to Innovation

Apr 08 鲍小佳(厦门大学) Transfer for Disasters: Governmental Responsiveness to Typhoon Risks in China

Apr 29 刘宇(复旦大学) Discretionary Charges as Firm Output Distortions: Evidence from China

May 06 赵敏强(厦门大学)  Valuing Environmental Resources through Demand for Related Commodities

May 13 Kathleen Mcgarry (UCLA) Understanding Long Term Care Insurance

May 18 黄有光 (Nanyang Technological University) 气候变化等环保经济学中减少全球灭亡几率的重要性

May 20 龚刚(云南财经大学) Understanding Business Cycles: Perspective from Stabilizing and Destabilizing Mechanism

Jun 04 Gerard Padro-i-Miquel (LSE) The Value of Democracy: Evidence from Road Building in Kenya

Jun 16 Haroon Bhorat (University of Cape Town) Policy co-ordination and growth traps in a middle-income country setting: the case of South Africa


Fall 2014

Sep 10 Thomas Rawski (University of Pittsburgh) China’s Development as a Long-term Process

Sep 17 阮建青 (浙江大学) 自然灾害、社会信任与产业集群

Sep 24 张纲紘 (中央财经大学) The Dark Side of Mating Competition

Oct 13 Robert Townsend (MIT) The Design of Financial Systems Joint Use of Economic Models and Data to Evaluate the Contemporary Situation and to Formulate Policy

Oct 22 Mateusz Filipski (IFPRI) Living Like There’s No Tomorrow: Saving and Spending Following the Sichuan Earthquake

Oct 29 Carsten Holz (HKUST) The Quality of China’s GDP Statistics

Nov 05 Yi Lu (National University of Sinagapore) Do Place-based Policies Work? Micro-level Evidence from China's Economic Zone Program

Nov 19 Katsuji Nakagane (中兼和津次,Professor Emeritus at  the University of Tokyo) Intersectoral Resource Flows in China Revisited---in memory of the late professor Shigeru Ishikawa

Nov 25 陈庆池 (复旦大学) Deliberating Sequential Decisions

Nov 26 冯帅章 (上海财经大学) Unemployment and Labor Force Participation in China: Long Run Trends and Short Run Dynamics

Dec 03 Meijun Qian (Singapore National University) Understanding Informal Financing

Dec 08 Kaivan Munshi (Cambridge University) Networks and Misallocation: Insurance, Migration, and the Rural-Urban Wage Gap

Dec 10宋立刚(澳大利亚国立大学)地方保护与国内市场进入壁垒:基于企业层面的分析

Dec 10 顾益康 (浙江省委农办) 浙江统筹城乡改革发展的实践与启示

Dec 23 方汉明 (University of Pennsylvania) Maternal Employment and their Children's Educational Gender Gap

Dec 24 管汉晖 (北京大学经济学院)  Why did the Civil Service Exam System replace the Hereditary System In Tang China: Land Equalization, Social Mobility, and Bureaucracy System Transformation


Spring 2014

Feb 26 - Akio Hosono (JICA Research Institute) New Structural Economics and Economic Transformation: Lessons of Five Outstanding Cases

Mar 05 - 吴乐旻(北京大学经济学院) 马尔萨斯陷阱是怎样炼成的?

Mar 12 - 兰小欢(长江商学院) Swiss Watch Cycles: Evidence of Corruption during Leadership Transition in China

Mar 29 - 刘冲(清华大学) Seller Reputation: From Word-of-mouth to Centralized Feedback

Apr 02 - 赵国昌(西南财经大学) Can money 'buy' schooling achievement? The evidence from urban China

Apr 09 - 黃法(Singapore Management University)      From Coercion to Politics to Law: The Evolution of Property Rights Protection

Apr 16 - Deepak Lal (UCLA) The Indian Economy: From Growth to Stagflation

Apr 23 - Chew Soo Hong (周恕弘) (National University of Singapore) Molecular Genetics of Decision Making Behavior

Apr 29 - Bjorn Lomborg (Copenhagen Consensus Center) Global problems: Prioritizing solutions to do the most good

Apr 30 - 张维迎(北京大学光华管理学院) 经济学的转型


May 19 - Michael Carter (University of Wisconsin Madison) The Political Economy of Inclusive Rural Growth

May 21 - 葛劲峰(复旦大学) 局部改革的福利损失 Welfare loss of Partial Reform.


May 30 - Wang Xiao(University of North Dakota)It’s All In The Stars: The Chinese Zodiac and the Effects of Parental Investments on Offsprings’ Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Development

Jun 04 -  Didac Queralt (Juan March Research Institute) From Mercantilism to Free-Trade: A History of Fiscal Capacity Building

Jun 10 -  Sanjay Ruparelia (New School for Social Research)India’ s New Rights Agenda: Genesis, Promises, Risks

Jun 11 - Martin van Hees (University of Amsterdam) Voids or Fragmentation: Moral Responsibility for Collective Outcomes


Fall 2013

Sep 11 Fei Yu (Economics, Business School, University of Western Australia), “Strategic Patent Policy and Technological Leap-Frogging”

Sep 18 Yuqing Xing (Capacity Building and Training, Asian Development Bank Institute), “How important are exports and FDI for economic growth in China?”

Sep 23 Xiaolan Fu (Oxford) Chinese investment in Africa

Sep 25 David Dollar (Brookings Institution) China’s rebalancing: Lessons from East Asian economic history

Oct 09 吴乐旻(北京大学经济学院)Why Everything Malthusians Say is Wrong

Oct 16 Di Guo and Chenggang Xu (HKU)Understanding the Impacts of China’s 2002/2004 Constitutional Amendments

Oct 30 张晓波 Does Aid Promote or Hinder Industrial Development? Quake Lessons from China

Nov 06 张磊(上海交大) Human Capital and Growth of Industries: Evidence from China's Higher Education Expansion in the Late 1990s

Nov 11 顾益康 (浙江省委农办) 浙江统筹城乡改革发展的实践与启示

Nov 13 张宏 (National Taiwan University) “On the political economy of allocation of agricultural disaster relief payments:

application to Taiwan”

Nov 20 林至颖(香港利丰发展(中国)有限公司副总裁、利丰研究中心副总裁) 利丰的供应链网络整合实践及案例分享

Nov 27 Xiaodong Zhu (University of Toronto) Trade Liberalization, Internal Migration and Regional Income Differences: Evidence from China

Dec 04 李宏彬(清华大学经济管理学院) Who Are Chinas Future Leaders? Evidence from a College Student Survey

Dec 11 Richard Joseph (Northwestern) Discordant Development and Developmental Governance in Africa

Dec 18 Kellee Tsai (Division of Social Science, HKUST) Developmental Diasporas in China and India:  A Reconsideration of Conventional Capital


Spring 2013

Mar 12 申晓方 (约翰霍普金斯大学高级国际研究学院访问学者)  "中国民营企业对非洲的投资:神话与现实 "

Mar 19 徐立新 (世界银行) Water Quality and Education in a Brawn-Based Economy: The Rural Drinking Water Program in China

Apr 11 龙小宁 (厦门大学) Local Judicial Protectionism in China: An Empirical Study of People's Supreme Court IP Cases

Apr 23 Ronald A. Edwards (艾德榮, 台湾淡江大學)  On the Onset of the Industrial Revolution and its Two Types: Song China and England

May 07 Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize (中国农业大学访问教授) Decentralization and Empowerment for Rural Development in India

May 08 史正富(复旦大学)"中国经济的超常增长"


Fall 2012

Sep 12 茅锐(博士生) "Manufacturing-Finance Comparative Advantage and Global Imbalances"

Sep 19 蔡晓慧(博士生) "Financing Constraints and FDI"

Sep 25 Bernard Yeung (NUS Business School) "Incentives and Outcome: the “Environmental” Bias in China"

Oct 10 贾珅 (博士生) “务实的贤能体制:改革开放以来的中国政治选拔

Oct 17 Thomas Reardon (Michigan State University and Renmin University) "The Economics of the Food System Revolution"

Oct 24 Chen Xi (School of Public Health, Yale University) "Market Norm, Risk Pooling, and Status Seeking:  What Explains Gift Spending Escalation in Rural China?"

Oct 31 吕焱(博士生) "风险分散、资本净流出与经济增长-基于二元经济结构下的分析"

Nov 07 John Knight (University of Oxford) "The economic causes and consequences of social instability in China"

Nov 14 顾异康(浙江省委农办) 浙江改革历程及思考

Nov 28 (台湾清华大学) 1988~2009年中国31个省级行政区的农业生产效率

Dec 05 Kuen Lee (Seoul National University) "Knowledge and Detour for Catch-up beyond the middle income trap: Neo-Schumpeterian analysis at the firm, sector an country levels"

Dec 11 王勇 (香港科技大学) "A Model of China's State Capitalism"

Dec 12 吴木銮(香港教育学院) “Determinants of Expenditure Decentralization: Evidence from China”


Spring 2012

Feb 22 张牧扬(博士生)Frontiers of Development Economics: Evidence from US Job Market Candidates”;吴鸾莺(博士生) “《贫困经济学》介绍”

Feb 29 茅锐(博士生) “比较优势、产业结构与国际失衡”

Mar 07 深圳市规划与国土委员会“深圳发展中的土地问题”

Mar 14 郭云南(博士生) “宗族网络、城乡迁移与收入不平等”

Mar 21 Christina Jenq (Chicago Booth School)Regional Economic Growth and Household Structure in China

Mar 30 Daniel Thornton (St. Louis Federal Reserve) US monetary policy after financial crisis

Apr 11 张红松(Penn State) Decision to Import Intermediate Inputs and Sources of Gain from Import: Theory and Firm-Level Evidence

Apr 18 陈强(山东大学) China Conquered or Not: The Effects of Dynastic Cycles and Climate Shocks

Apr 25 胡景北(同济大学) 农业劳动力转移均衡研究比较静态方法

May 02 Brad Jensen(Gerogetown) Global Trade in Services: Fear, Facts, and Offshoring

May 23 Vamsi Vakulabharanam (University of Hyderabad in India) Economic Turbulence in Capitalism: Twentieth Century and Beyond